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Notice of the closing of Honyarado

Café Honyarado, known as the base for civic movements and anti-war campaigns in Kyoto since 1970s, was burned down. The café of gross 120 sqm, also used as the office of the rescue efforts for political prisoners in South Vietnam and South Korea, or of the court cases against indecency charges, became the hub of activities such as poetry-reading by oral poets. It was the symbol of youth counterculture.
I have been centrally involved with this café since its earliest stage. Although I handed over the operation to younger generations sitting back and watching over for a while from “the bubble economy” period until the end of 1990s, I decided to come back with some emotion like indignation as other founders or younger generation started to give it up. Since then, for 15 years, I single-handedly ran this café, wearing poor three hats and bearing the symbol, facing with trilemma and suffering from recession, but worked hard to live up to the expectation of the customers and supporters to “carry a torch” and not to bring the curtain down on its history since the glorious 70s.
Recently, I’ve been looking for a way to pass this café over to my successor, considering it is time to shift to the closing years of my life working as a photographer and a recorder of the history of Honyarado.
Incidentally the owner of this land and property had died and I then knew that new landowner was planning to scrap Honyarado and integrate it into the new building. I strongly opposed the plan and was insisting on doing maintenance work of this premise though it is almost falling apart. I gathered the petition signatures of the supporters from various quarters and was planning to hand them to the new owner.
However, unfortunately, the café caught fire in an unknown cause before dawn of 16th January and over 2million frames of black-and-white photographic negative film I’ve saved for more than 40 years, along with tens of thousands of prints, thousands of copies of more than 40 books I wrote, posters, postcards, my favorite cameras, a hundred and several tens of diaries I’ve kept for 43 years, manuscript of “Youth of Honyarado”, my new book on the pleasant early days that was about to be published, valuable guest books conveying the atmosphere of early days vividly, and thousands of books from my library, were mostly burned down and lost.
I am now at a total loss. I don’t know where to begin with, like compensations to my neighbors who also caught fire and so on.

KAI Fusayoshi

KAI Fusayoshi was awarded with the Kyoto Fine Arts Cultural Award in 2009, as well as Jean Larivière prize at Salon des Beaux Arts supported by the president of France and hosted by Société Nationale des Beaux Arts(SNBA) in 2014.

KG+ KYOTOGRAPHIE satellite event

Kai Fusayoshi & Sachiko Hamada Exhibition
19 April - 11 May, 2014
Place : Honyarado
Opening party : 19 April, 15:00-17:00



京都猫町ブルース_200dpi.jpg Kyoto, Cat town blues
Kai Fusayoshi



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Rental space

1F Wall gallery

1F wall space : Rental gallery
20,000 yen / week

honyarado-gallery.JPG←Seat side : width 8m
honyarado-gallery2.JPGCounter side : width 5m→

2F Rental space

In the second floor space, there is 2 large tables, 2 small tables, and low table & sofa. You can relax.
It is possible to use it also for Meeting, Concert, Performance, Party, and various classrooms, etc. by reserving.
First of all, please feel free to consult.



Meal (*Drink set 100yen off)
-Today's menu : Lunch 700yen / Dinner 850yen
-Curry (+salad) : 800yen
- Chicken Korean taste with vegetables 900yen / with rice or bread 1050yen

-Toast : 380yen
-Jam toast : 420yen
-Cheese toast : 420yen
-Garlic toast : 430yen
-Hum & Cheese toast : 450yen
-Onion & Cheese toast : 450yen
-Cinnamon toast : 430yen
-Tuna toast : 450yen
-Vegetable toast : 500yen
-Basil & Chicken toast : 500yen
-Toast set (Toast+Mini salad+coffee or chai) : 700yen

-Salad : 500yen
-Yoghurt : 600yen

-Coffee : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Chai : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Black tea : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Earl grey tea : Hot 500yen / Ice 530yen
-Café au alit : Hot 430yen / Ice 460yen
-Milk : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Cinnamon milk : Hot 430yen / Ice 460yen
-Cocoa : Hot 500yen / Ice 530yen
-Viennese coffee : Hot 600yen / Ice 630yen
-Green tea : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Oolong tea : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Puerh tea : Hot 400yen / Ice 430yen
-Herbal tea : Hot 430yen / Ice 460yen
-Lemonade : Hot 600yen / Ice 630yen

Cold drink
-Tomato juice : 450yen
-Ginger ale : 400yen
-Calpis : 380yen
-Calpis soda : 400yen
-Seasonal fruit juice : 500yen
-Mix juice : 600yen
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-Diabolo cassis : 800yen
-Diabolo menthe : 800yen

-Today's sweets : (Tiramisù 430yen)

-Draft beer (Ebisu) : 600yen
-Belgian beer (Chimay) : 900yen etc.
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-Sake : 600yen~
-Gin, Rum, Tequila : 600yen~
-Sangría : 600yen
-Ryūkyū spirit : 700yen~
-Whisky, Brandy : 800yen~

Side menu
-Nuts : 400yen
-Kimuchi : 400yen
-Chocolat : 400yen



229 Oharaguchicho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
602-0832 JAPAN
tel +81-75-222-1574

Open 12:00 - 22:00

Karasuma Line : Imadegawa Sta. : 5 min walk
Keihan Line : Demachiyanagi Sta. : 5 min walk
Bus No.3, 4, 17, 37, 59, 201, 205 : Kawaramachi-Imadegawa : 3 min walk
Bus No.59, 102, 201, 203 : Doshisya-Mae : 3 min walk

Bar Hachimonjiya


Kiyamachi-Okamoto bldg 3F,
209-3, Nabeya-cho, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto 604-8015 JAPAN
TEL +81-(0)75-256-1731
Open 18:00-midnight

Hankyu Line : Kawaramachi Sta. : 2 min walk
Keihan Line : Gionshijo Sta. : 5 min walk


Honyarado has several faces:

Restaurant & Cafe, Library, Live Spot, Book shop and so on and once was mecca for the lovers folk song-movement in Japan, and at the same time base for school of "Oral Poets", cf. Okabayashi Nobuyasu, Katagiri Yuzuru, Kenneth Rexroth or the like played active part in this space. Hachimonjiya is a haunt of local artists & writers. Kai Fusayoshi is owner of both shops and concurrently photographer.

You can use Wi-Fi free at Honyarado.

1F - Wall Gallery - 20,000yen/week
2F - Available for Meeting, Concert, Party etc.